About Gippsland Relocation Services

Gippsland Relocation Services was established as a comprehensive relocation service to meet the needs of professionals and their families moving to Gippsland. We provide a full range of services to assist employers, employees and individuals to relocate easily and successfully. 

Patricia (Pat) Coles is the Principal of Gippsland Relocation Services. Pat built her career in the Gippsland finance sector working for a community credit union mecu. As Manager of Client & Community Relations she worked across the Gippsland region and developed strong relationships with community groups and the business sector across the region.

Since the establishment of Gippsland Relocation Services in 2003, Pat has worked with local businesses to assist their employees to settle in the region. She has worked with arrivals from countries such as Canada, South Africa, UK, New Zealand and Zimbabwe, as well as with people relocating from other parts of Australia. Pat’s business and social networks and her outstanding capacity to make people feel at home have contributed to the successful settlement of over 150 people in Gippsland.

Pat has demonstrated a proven commitment to community development, having been a key stakeholder in the establishment and coordination of the highly successful Gippsland Community Networking Breakfasts. Pat is also a member of the Committee of Management for the Gippsland Business Awards.

Pat is a fellow of the Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP) and is involved in a range of business, government and community groups.