Services offered by Gippsland Relocation Services

Gippsland Relocation Services provide services designed for professionals and their families planning to move to Gippsland.

Our service is based on mutual respect, sustainable business practices and continuous improvement. We take no commissions from the businesses or service providers we refer our clients to. Our referrals are based on our own experiences within the community. We match our clients’ needs against the services that are available in a realistic and practical way.

Business Services

Gippsland Relocation Services offer a range of relocation options for individuals and organisations. If you are looking for ways to help your staff and their family make the transition to Gippsland we can help.

We provide an efficient and sustainable service that goes beyond simply arranging removalists and accommodation. We help provide customers with the framework they need to help them move successfully to the region for long and short term placements.

Gippsland Relocation Services caters for the needs of individuals and families and will structure services to meet the needs of the organisation as well the individual.

We conduct a comprehensive needs analysis with your employee and their family to ensure that they get what they need to make a successful move. We will even travel to visit them in their own home if they would like to meet us face to face.

To find out how Gippsland Relocation Services can help you make the move to the right side of Victoria call Pat Coles on 0428 746 207.

Individual Services

Gippsland Relocation Services are passionate about Gippsland. Whether you plan to stay in the region for a just a short time or forever, we want your initial experiences of Gippsland to be as terrific as the ones we have enjoyed.

Moving home inevitably involves stress. This can be exacerbated when the move is to a place without introductions, support networks or prior knowledge.

We provide a comprehensive introduction to what the region has to offer – to help you find your niche and make your move stress-free.

Our service is tailored to your needs. We find out what you want and then match that against what the region has to offer. We help you to identify the options available for housing, schooling, and community involvement. We can even help you find work!

We identify the options and let you make the choices. If you need support in the implementation of those choices we are happy to lend a hand, but you remain in control. We will follow up to make sure that you get the best possible introduction to Gippsland.

To find out how Gippsland Relocation Services can help you make the move to the right side of Victoria call Pat Coles on 0428 746 207.

Furniture Hire

Gippsland Relocation Services offer short and long term furniture hire. We can furnish your entire house or provide items that you would prefer to hire rather than buy. See our order form for a comprehensive list or contact us to tailor a package to suit you.